Microfiber Sectional Sofa

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A microfiber sectional sofa is one of the most recommended living room furniture. A sectional sofa is more than just a huge L-shaped couch which most of us picture when we hear “sectional sofa.” There are different designs of sectional sofas. This furniture design is suitable for both, large and small living rooms. A sectional sofa can be comprised of different pieces from single chair pieces, all the way to sleeper sofa units. You will find sectional sofas upholstered in different materials and one of the popular materials includes microfiber.

What you need to know about a microfiber sectional sofa

Upholstery fabric has improved over the years. Microfiber sectional sofa is popular due to the material used for the upholstery. Microfiber is used to make different accessories. Think of products traditionally made from leather like wallets, backpacks, shoes, cell phone cases, purses, handbags, etc. and you will find an equivalent product made out of microfiber. This material is lightweight and durable but a lot of people go for this material due to its water-resistant characteristics.

Small Sectional Sofas

Microfiber is made by fusing microdeniers, which is microscopic fibers, together. Because the fibers are so fine, they create a lightweight, water-resistant, and dense fabric. You may encounter other terms used to describe this material like faux suede, microsuede, or ultrasuede. Because of the characteristics of microfiber, microfiber upholstered furniture is becoming one of the first choices for families when it comes home furniture.

Advantages of a microfiber sectional sofa

Choosing a microfiber sectional sofa has a lot of advantages. By merely understanding the type of material, its make, and its characteristics, one can easily deduce the quality of home furniture upholstered with microfiber.

You can find a variety of colors when checking out different microfiber upholstered sectional sofas because the material can be coated with different finishes. It can also come in various designs because the fabric can be printed on, embroidered, and heat-embossed which creates unique and interesting textures.

In terms of durability, pilling, stretching, stiffening, shrinking, and sagging, which is common to other upholstery materials doesn’t happen to microfiber. It was created specifically to avoid these problems so microfiber furniture can be expected to be strong and resilient. The fine weave also makes it water and stain resistant making it easy to avoid stains with minimal effort.

As for cleaning, microfiber is easy to clean. Quickly reacting to spilled liquid can prevent most stains. A dry towel can easily wipe of spilled liquid. If you’ve spilled something oily or greasy, there are cleaners designed for microfiber fabric. Using water is not recommended as it can only soak the fabric and make the stain worse. In terms of lint, microfiber is allergies worse enemy. This type of material doesn’t generate its own dust or lint making it repellant to most allergens.

As far as disadvantages can go, the cost of a microfiber sectional sofa seems to be the most common reason homeowners would opt against buying it. This type of sofa upholstery can be expensive but it’s a good investment for people looking for the best quality of furniture for their family.

5 Photos of the Microfiber Sectional Sofa

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