Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

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Mobile homes are just like any regular home. It should be decorated in such a way that makes the people living in it have a better quality of life. When you’re looking for a mobile home, it should be treated both as a home and an investment. Interior designers have tricks and styles to help change a home’s appearance. There are basic tricks for different problems like how to make a room appear larger or how to make a ceiling seem taller and most of these tricks work well for different types of spaces including mobile homes. Learn a few of these tricks to help you decorate your own mobile home. Here are some mobile home decorating ideas.

Mobile home decorating ideas: tips and tricks

One of the biggest issues with mobile homes is the size. So let’s start the list of mobile home decorating ideas with one of the easiest trick in the book. The rule of 3’s involves installing chair rails. It’s meant to protect the walls from the back of the chairs but it’s also a way to make a room appear taller. Typically, the wall height is divided into three and the chair rails are installed on the lower third of the wall. Using this trick makes a space seem taller. But, in mobile homes, the trick is to install it on the 2/3 line. This trick pulls the eye up toward the ceiling making the room appear even taller.
Another basic decorating trick is to use texture and tone. This can be done through using a single material with different textures. For example, abaca table, wood pallet furniture and light colored floor panels create texture while maintaining one scheme. This creates cohesion and this helps in adding value to the aesthetics of the interior.

A classic designer’s trick includes lighting. Natural light is the best option when trying to make a small space appear larger. However, if this isn’t possible, recessed display lighting or pendant lights can be used to create a welcoming ambiance while helping enlarge the appearance of the space. Minimal décor in mobile homes is advisable. Too much things in a small space makes a cluttered look and creates a less inviting space. The idea is to choose a few pieces that make the most impact in design and in representing your style. For the fifth trick, you can’t go wrong with white. It’s hard to maintain but with the right hue, white walls create a blank canvas effect.

Easy mobile home decorating ideas

When you’re starting from scratch with a new mobile home, mobile home decorating ideas are easy to apply. But if you’re going to update your current mobile home, it may require you to scale the strategies according to the current design of your mobile home interior. If you’re looking to update the look, you can work on the smaller details instead. Changing your curtains or seat covers creates an instant new look. Replacing fixtures is another idea that doesn’t take much from your budget but can potentially have a big impact on the appearance of your home.

7 Photos of the Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

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