Mudroom Bench with Storage

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Mudrooms are narrow walk-though hallways usually located at the secondary entrance of a home. Some have this in the primary entrance while others situate it off the laundry room. The mudroom is the catchall for items like jackets, shoes, bags and umbrellas. It’s a good place to organize items that are brought in the house after school or work.  There are different designs of mudrooms but if the space permits it, a design element that every mudroom should have is a mudroom bench with storage.

Advantage of mudroom bench with storage

Not all houses have the luxury to have mudrooms so when you’re working with a small space to create a mudroom, it’s important to maximize the space and create extra storage space in every possible way. Some ideas one can do to maximize the space is to use the vertical space. Installing wall hooks on the wall automatically creates a way to organize jackets, bags or umbrellas. Putting shelves above these hooks create additional storage space that can be used for hats, helmets or other items. Both storage solutions don’t take up floor space so it’s still possible to create a mudroom-style space without using any floor space. However, if you can afford a little extra floor space, consider adding a bench in the mudroom area.

mudroom bench with storage

Having a mudroom bench with storage is one of those solutions you can do to make the mudroom a convenient place to put or take out your shoes. It makes a good waiting area as well for the kids while rounding up the rest of the kids. But instead of simply adding a bench of seating in the mudroom, use the bench and create extra storage. A mudroom bench with storage can store more items and help keep the space more organized. The space is perfect for storing shoes but there are other potential items that can be stored under the bench depending on the design.

Different designs of mudroom bench with storage

There are different designs that can make a mudroom bench with storage. Simple mudrooms that use a basic bench design still create an empty space underneath the bench. Shoes are the most obvious item to be stored in this kind of set up. However, should you opt for other bench designs; you can create drawers under the bench. This is a good place to store kids’ things. From art materials to toys, the drawers can serve as a good place to hide small items away. If you’ve created a mudroom locker and extended the base of the locker to create a bench design, you’ve created a lot of storage space. Drawers can be created underneath while the base of the locker can be another storage area for bags.

There are a lot of designs that can create benches in the mudroom. The most important factor when planning a mudroom is the storage space. The mudroom is meant to help families organize and store items effectively.

5 Photos of the Mudroom Bench with Storage

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