Mudroom Lockers with Bench

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Mudroom lockers are designated storage spaces usually situated in an entry way of the house. It’s typically found in the secondary entrance of a home but sometimes in the main entrance. The lockers are meant for storage and organization for the usual things we bring home from work or school. Mudrooms are often the catch-all area for the family’s muddy shoes, clothes, wet umbrellas, bags and other items. It helps organize the things and keeps the mess away from your living room or dining area. Having a mudroom is especially beneficial for kids because the lockers create a space for them to store their things.

There are different designs for mudrooms and while the most basic function is to organize, some people choose to make mudroom lockers with bench because it creates extra storage and becomes a comfortable place to put on shoes or sit down while waiting. When a mudroom is situated near the main entrance, it can also be an informal place to receive guests while readying the living room or the dining room.

Wooden Lockers for Mudroom

What you need to know about mudroom lockers with bench

Mudrooms main purpose is for organization. Although there’s an aesthetic or design quality contributed by mudrooms, the essence is more on functionality and the ability for family members entering the house to have an instant place to put objects when they arrive home. When you have mudroom lockers with bench, it adds seating. This increases the functionality of the area. Most mudroom lockers are designed with shelves and hooks. When seating is added, it creates a hidden storage area. The space below the bench makes a good place for shoes or other items. The shelves can be used for books, bags and other smaller objects or items. The hooks are perfect for sweaters, coats, jackets and other outerwear. A bench, when added gives a convenient place to sit in when putting or removing shoes prior to entering or leaving the house.  There are different types of mudroom lockers. The design of the lockers will depend on the space, style and needs of the family. Lockers may be a group of cubes with hooks or it can be a long bench with shelving. There is no standard size for a mudroom so it can be customized according to the space you have available.

Things to consider when making mudrooms with bench

If you want to install mudrooms with bench in your home, the first thing you need to consider is the needs of the people who will primarily be using the mudroom. If you have kids, the lockers should be accessible to them. This goes for the shelves, hooks and bins as well. Creating personalized lockers for each member of the family can help organize your things as well.

Another consideration when building your mudroom is that the space will be prone to a lot of wear and tear. This puts the quality of materials used at a very high importance. Think about the type of finishes and paints to be used. Invest in quality materials and make sure to customize the design according to the specific needs of your family. If your family participates in athletics, adding a bin for dirty practice clothes may be a good idea.

6 Photos of the Mudroom Lockers with Bench

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