Mudroom Storage Bench

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Mudrooms are narrow walk-though hallways usually located at the secondary entrance of a home. Some have this in the primary entrance while others situate it off the laundry room. The mudroom is the catchall for items like jackets, shoes, bags and umbrellas. It’s a good place to organize items that are brought in the house after school or work.  There are different designs of mudrooms but if the space permits it, a design element that every mudroom should have is a mudroom storage bench.

Benefits of mudroom storage bench

A mudroom storage bench is a good way to create additional storage space in the mudroom. A shallow bench is very helpful for taking off boots or setting down a briefcase or shopping bag. The space underneath the bench can be used as shoe storage.

mudroom storage bench

A mudroom can add value to the home by making it a warm invitation and improved first impression through the organization. This space is a transition space from the exterior elements to the sanctuary of your home. Some mudrooms are relatively open to other living spaces while some include a secondary interior passage door. Those with secondary doors can benefit in different ways because the second door creates a separation of the living space from the dirt and grime of the outside. It can also serve as an airlock during cold weather and hot weather. This helps in conserving energy in the house.

Another benefit is that during rainy season or winter, having a mudroom can save your hardwood floors from stains and wetness because it forces people to disrobe on the front stoop before entering the home. It’s a good stopping area to leave items that are not necessary in the house.

Making a mudroom storage bench

The overall look of a mudroom varies, depending on the size of space and the style one is going for. The design elements of a mudroom also vary on the space and the organizational needs of the family. Small spaces may only have shelves and hooks on the wall. Those with bigger spaces create a mudroom with a mudroom storage bench. The benefits of which have been shared earlier.

A mudroom storage bench can be customized or store-bought. It can be a single unit like those sold in IKEA. One of the bench designs that IKEA have is a basic bench design with partitions underneath. This makes a good storage space for pairs of shoes. Some bench designs they have are part of the mudroom lockers where the base of the lockers is higher and made into cabinets with doors and the surface of the base is extended to create some sort of seating area for people.

Making your own mudroom storage bench is also an option that homeowners can go for. There are numerous tutorials and self-help resources that one can gather from the internet. There are also DIY kits or RTA bench kits that you can use in the mudroom.

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