Outdoor Pallet Furniture

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Outdoor pallet furniture can be used to maximize your outdoor space. One of the challenges of creating a living space outdoor is dealing with the weather and other elements. Regular furniture pieces don’t hold up very well to extreme weather changes. Wood for example easily rots and become brittle after constant exposure to extreme heat and rain. However, when you use wooden pallets, the damage won’t be as costly as when you use regular wooden furniture.

Wooden pallets are suitable for outdoor furniture for a lot of different reasons. It is still wood but it does come off as the better choice as compared to using ready-made wooden furniture. Wood pallets are perfect for DIY projects at home. There are a lot of things you can create from wood pallets. Furniture is only one among the possibilities. You can create storage racks, home decorations and other home accessories from wood pallets because pallets can be very versatile.

outdoor pallet furniture

Cons of outdoor pallet furniture

Before opting to make outdoor pallet furniture, it’s important that you understand the downside of using wooden pallets. While it can be used to create different types of furniture, wooden pallets shouldn’t be used for things that come in contact with food like a table or a countertop. It’s also not ideal for food storage because pallets allow the growth of E. coli and salmonella bacteria.

It’s also prone to develop fungi when dumped for a long time so before using a wood pallet for any type of home project, make sure to clean them thoroughly. Sand down all the corners and the complete surface of the wood pallet. You can use a vacuum to clean out the small particles and treat the wood to protect it from premature decay. You can also paint it to make it last longer.

Another disadvantage with wood pallets is that the deconstruction can be very difficult. The reason most home projects that use wood pallets retain the basic structure of the pallet is because it’s very hard to deconstruct. It was meant to hold, support, and carry heavy loads and materials so the construction is very durable. This makes it hard for anyone to simply separate the pieces.

Advantage of outdoor pallet furniture

Using outdoor pallet furniture has its pros as well. Aside from being extremely cheap, some of us can even get wood pallets for free making the cost of the furniture project very minimal. Another thing we can expect from outdoor furniture made from wood pallet is that it is durable and strong. It can take on a large amount of weight so wear and tear of the outdoor furniture can be prolonged.

Outdoor pallet furniture can also withstand harsh weather better than other furniture pieces made from wood. They’re very easy to construct into different furniture pieces. This is why wood pallets are known to be versatile. But one of the major advantages of outdoor pallet furniture is that it uses a recycled material. Aside from contributing something highly functional and aesthetically appealing, you’re also helping in protecting the environment.


4 Photos of the Outdoor Pallet Furniture

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