Over Garage Door Storage

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If you have a lot of things on your garage floor and can’t find a way to organize, start looking above you. The ceiling is a good space to maximize when looking for storage solutions. Some garages have low ceilings but if yours has a big head room, it’s time to consider over garage door storage. There are numerous garage storage solutions available that you can use to get the most out of your garage.

So, let’s say you have a ceiling that is 10 foot tall or maybe a little less, that gives plenty of room to install a couple of shelves and still leave plenty of clearance for your garage door to open. A decent space from the ceiling would be, give or take, 2 feet and you’ve got extra storage space.

Over Garage Door Shelf

What you need to know about over garage door storage

If you intend to create an over garage door storage, there are certain things you will need to check. Aside from measuring the space from the door to the ceiling, it’s important that you determine the shelving sizes available. The right type of overhead garage storage will ensure that your storage problems get solved without making an eyesore in the garage. Determine early on your storage needs. What do you want to store above the garage door? How heavy? How big? How often do you want to have access to it? By doing so, you can choose the right type of storage solution above the garage door.

For example, racks make a good storage solution. It’s easy to install and it comes in different sizes and lengths. It’s also easy to customize but it’s not the most secure option when you intend to store things that are very heavy. Wood shelves seem a bit sturdier if you want to keep heavy equipment above the garage door. It has a more secure base that can easily spread the weight equally on the shelf. Racks on the other hand have a tendency to break or bend when heavy objects are put on top.

Another thing to consider is adding extra support. Reinforce the corners of the shelf or rack with a chain. Eye hooks in the ceiling studs can be connected with a short distance chain. This keeps the distance between the shelf and the ceiling tighter and gives you a more secure hold on the items you put on top.

Advantages of over garage door storage

Aside from helping you get organized, over garage door storage saves you a lot of floor space. This type of garage storage solution works best for seasonal storage. Christmas décor, lawn chairs, camping equipment or outing gears are best kept at a place that’s easy to access but completely out of the way during the time it’s not being used or needed. This type of storage isn’t suitable for things you need access to on a regular basis like working tool. Those are better kept at a workbench.

7 Photos of the Over Garage Door Storage

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