Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

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When we say task lighting, we often refer to office lighting. This is light used to increase illuminance in the reading area. However, the idea of using task lighting isn’t limited in the office area. The idea is to make a particular area more visible. Task lighting can be applied in different areas of the kitchen. Over kitchen sink lighting is one of the best applications of task lighting.

Benefits of over kitchen sink lighting

Over kitchen sink lighting isn’t practical for all kitchen designs. There are unique kitchen layouts that will require task lighting above the kitchen sink. Some homeowners use it as an added feature more for its decorative feature than its function. The main idea, however, is that the kitchen is a place where one spends time doing visually demanding tasks. This is why the right lighting is important in any kitchen design. Whether you’re doing dishes, rinsing vegetables, slicing, cutting, or chopping, having the right lighting help make the task easier and safer to do.

Rustic Lighting Over Kitchen Sink

Understand that there are different types of lighting that can provide illuminance in the sink area. Standard lighting is best when you have a window or open space above the sink. A recessed light fixture can provide the needed light for the area. If you’re looking for the type of lighting that can also boost the aesthetics of the kitchen, go for decorative lighting. There are different light fixtures that can provide a decorative feature like pendant lights. Pendant lights in the kitchen should sit about 30 inches above the work area so the bulb doesn’t get in your eyes while working.

For sinks with cabinets above it, under-cabinet lighting is your best bet. The ceiling lights would only create shadows in the sink area so using under-cabinet lighting gives you the benefit of sitting right above the sink without any obstructions. This type of lighting can come in different forms like a single round light or a long bar light which is wired directly to a switch near the sink area.

Considerations for over kitchen sink lighting

Choosing over kitchen sink lighting will require you to measure the size of the sink area. Some lights can only illuminate a certain area. The size of your sink area will determine the type and number of lights you will need. For under-cabinet lighting, you will need to take into consideration the design of your cabinet. Choose light fixtures that will match your cabinet design so as not to end up installing an out-of-place light fixture that will look unattractive. It’s also advisable not to store food in the cabinet with under-cabinet lighting because the heat from the light can cause food to spoil faster.

Lastly, when installing lights above the sink, it’s best to find the proper placement. It’s advisable to install recessed or pendant lights right in the center of the sink to prevent creating distractive shadows when working.

5 Photos of the Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

Rustic Lighting Over Kitchen SinkRecessed Lighting Over Kitchen Sinkover kitchen sink lightingOver Kitchen Sink Lighting PhotosKitchen Pendant Lighting Over Sink

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