Patio Stepping Stones

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The idea of using stepping stones in the garden makes it easier to walk around the outdoor space. Adding patio stepping stones in your yard or garden can be very beneficial in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It easily becomes an added beauty feature in any garden landscape and it provides a safe walking path when rain makes the ground muddy.

Benefits of patio stepping stones

Patio stepping stones, not only provide a visual direct; as in when you want people to focus on a certain part of the garden or landscape, but also prevents people from treading on the grass and flowers. It easily gives a person the notion on where he or she should go or what path to take towards a certain area of the garden. It also helps homeowners retain the beauty of the landscape by minimizing damage to the flowers and the grass. This helps in keeping lower upkeep and makes caring for the garden landscape a lot easier.

Garden Stepping Stones

Patio stepping stones can also help define a garden or yard. It can serve as a focus when you want to show the symmetry of the garden. It can work as a boundary or a limiting feature as to where guests can or can not go to. Also, with the emerging popularity of outdoor rooms, the availability of patio stepping stones, along with other outdoor patio décor like fire pits, market umbrellas, wicker furniture, etc. helps make any outdoor room design comfortable and livable. You have to start by making the base of any outdoor room so here’s more information about the different types of patio stepping stone materials.

Types of patio stepping stones

In terms of material, patio stepping stones come in different forms. Among the most commonly used is the concrete stepping stone. It is available in a variety of colors, textured finished and shapes which allows homeowners to create a highly decorative design. Concrete steps are made from concrete, sand, and other chemicals that help harden it. It’s a versatile material because designs can be altered by embedding other materials like glass stones. Some designs are made by pressing shells or leaves into the concrete while drying which creates a beautiful fossilized imprint. For customizable concrete stepping stones, you can find stepping stone kits that allow homeowners to make personal designs like handprints or paw prints. And because concrete can be dyed, different colors can be achieved when using this material for stepping stones.

Natural stone adds immediate character to any garden landscape. It has its own charm and carries a unique feature compared to mass-produced concrete stepping stones. It comes in a variety of cuts and thickness so you rarely find two pieces the same. It’s a lot more expensive than concrete stepping stones but it’s bound to last longer against wear and tear. There are stepping stones also made from rubber which is fairly new in the market. If you’re leaning towards a green option, rubber is made from recycled materials so this is a good option. Pavers are also used as stepping stones although they’re not really made for that.

6 Photos of the Patio Stepping Stones

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