Pergola Design Plans

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Your outdoor space is as important as your interior space. Decorating the garden or yard is an important part of making your house beautiful. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, don’t waste the space by not decorating or enhancing it. A pergola is a good addition to your home. A pergola can be used as a shade or as a support for climbing plants. Either way, it adds visual interest to your outdoor space. Check out pergola design plans to get ideas on what you can add to your exterior home design. You can add a pergola in your backyard or patio and use them to relax, sit and entertain. Find out more about this functional architectural piece to see what fits in your space, needs and style.

Different types of pergola design plans

There are different pergola design plans available for homeowners. Here are the common pergola designs that you can check out. A pergola with latticework can provide an entertainment area with privacy and shade. Latticework is a framework consisting of a criss-crossed pattern of strips of wood or metal. This feature adds a decorative feature and helps in giving you privacy.

Wood Pergola Designs and Plans

A columned pergola is made with columns. This design is an excellent choice for traditional or Tuscan style homes. The architectural feature of the columns adds visual impact to your outdoor space. This can be made by using four Corinthian or Roman style columns, made from PVC or concrete.

An arched pergola has a dome-like curve on top which adds airiness to the design. There are ready-made arches from garden and home improvement stores. This style can give a rustic touch to your garden landscape and is a good choice for entryway to the garden or a pass-through. Another design is the Japanese pergola. This suits Asian-inspired garden and has a more A-type roof. It’s quite similar to an arched pergola only with a sharper roof design.

How to make your own pergola design plans

Customized pergola designs will give you more satisfaction as compared to ready-made pergolas. It’s important that homeowners view a variety of interesting pergolas to learn the common principles for designing their own pergola. When you look at many images and examples of pergolas, you can better judge what you want and think will look better in your outdoor space. Decide what aspects appeal to you logistically, economically, and aesthetically. Find out about the different types like detached, attached, simple square shapes, circular, triangular, or rectangular pergolas to make better pergola design plans for you.

You can make your own pergola design. Draw quick sketches of the designs that appeal to you the most. Work up possible dimensions for each design that you make. It’s important to measure and mark the actual dimensions on the ground using ropes or strings. This will help you see the dimensions if it fits in your space. Another consideration when making your pergola design is the materials you will use. There are different types of wood and other materials that can be used. Fiberglass, cast stone, and vinyl are among the common materials used aside from wood. Metals like wrought iron, aluminum, rebar, and copper can also be considered depending on the style you’re going for.

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