Pergola Lighting Ideas

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Maximize the use of your pergola and enjoy a festive or relaxing evening lounging under your pergola with soft and glowing lights. Festive and cheery or low and romantic lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor decoration. There are a lot of pergola lighting ideas that you can apply to make your garden or outdoor space more appealing.

Different pergola lighting ideas

A simple string of lights can easily make your pergola a beautiful space. Among the different pergola lighting ideas, classic white twinkle lights, trendy patio bulbs or netted LED lights are the simplest to work with. The pinpoint light adds a unique look and the best part about using this type of light is that you can drape, wind or string them through lattice work to make the framework of the structure appear wider.

pergola ligthing design

Hanging candles is another great idea. This is a project that can be done easily with baby food jars or tea light holders. You can hang them from the roof of the pergola using floral wire. Cover the wire with a ribbon for added decoration. For a more festive appearance, you can use colored candles or LED candles with color-changing flames.

Paper lantern is another decorative idea that you can use for a party and pack up after. It’s a good way to add color and texture inside and outside the pergola. It comes in different sizes and colors. You can use white for weddings or bold colors for holidays and other parties. Patterned lanterns and different-sized lanterns can be mixed to create a more festive tone.

Pergola lighting ideas: how to light pergolas

Implement these different pergola lighting ideas easily with these simple instructions. With a wide range of outdoor lights to choose from, one’s sure to find something that will match their current pergola and outdoor palette.

You can choose among these common garden lighting ideas: paper lanterns, solar lights, white lights, candles, jam jars, etc. For the paper lanterns, you can hang a set from the vine-covered roof of the pergola. This gives a well-lit ceiling that can add a magical look. You can also nestle them at the base of the pergola post for a simple yet elegant design.

The solar lights can be used to accent the entire periphery of the pergola. To improve your landscape, extend the lights to the adjacent garden beds and flower beds. Nestle the lights around the garden to create an extensive well-lit surrounding. White lights on the other hand can be wrapped around the pergola posts. You can add more on the ceiling and extend up until the nearby tree trunks and branches. This creates a stunning outdoor design that will give a magical look to the garden. Old jam jars or bottles can be used as well. Add small candles in the bottles and place along the walkway or tie a string around the mouth of the jars and drape it on the pergola sides.

7 Photos of the Pergola Lighting Ideas

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