Pergola Shade Covers

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Pergolas have ambiance and style as an edge over patio covers. While both can hold accessories you need to enhance your outdoor space, pergolas offer an aesthetic level in a way that a patio just cannot. Pergola shade covers easily integrate to your garden because many pergola owners like to grow vine plants and flowers on the pergola to add an impressive style.

Benefits of pergola shade covers

Pergola shade covers extend a magnitude of benefits to homeowners. First of all, they can help save on energy costs because when you add shade around the area, it can help keep it cooler making it a good alternative to lounge in during hot months instead of turning the AC on in the living room. Another benefit is that these pergola covers can be retrofitted with various accessories that add to the value of the pergola in terms of aesthetics. Fans, misters, and outdoor lights are among the things you can add to the pergola to make it a more comfortable place. Adding covers to the pergola is the only practical solution for protecting a homeowner’s outdoor space from the sun and rain. Overall, pergolas offer more versatility, more free-flowing space in terms of look and vibe compared to a patio.

pergola shade covers

Things to know about pergola shade covers

If you’re looking to retreat to the shaded pergola, it can also work with UV-resistant, retractable canopies, that can provide you with the option to indulge in the sun. Of course, as far as pergola shade covers are concerned, homeowners also have the option to use curtains around the pergola to create a more private ambiance.

For outdoor shade solutions, you may already have encountered pergola and patio covers. Both seem to share several of the same benefits so choosing between the two can be hard. Understanding the distinction can guide you in making your final choice. Though often conflated, patio shades take a different approach in enhancing your home and backyard. A patio cover works as an extension of your home. It’s usually designed to assemble and attach easily to the wall of the house. A patio cover is basically a shade structure that extends directly from the wall of your home. The patio cover is usually made from aluminum fiberglass or PVC with posts supporting the end away from the wall of the house.

On the other hand, a pergola doesn’t have a roof which is why deciding what type of pergola shade cover is another thing to plan after choosing the design and type of pergola you have. It is an overhead frame of open joists. It’s meant as a decorative feature in the garden and an architectural ornament. However, to increase the functionality of the pergola, adding a shade is a good option.

There are different types of covers you can choose from; angled battens, climbing plants, colorbond roofing, zincalume, polycarbonate, thatching, shade cloth or tiles. Take into consideration your current landscape or exterior design theme when choosing what type of material to use for your pergola shade.

7 Photos of the Pergola Shade Covers

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