Pergola Shade Covers

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Putting up a pergola in your backyard or front yard, no matter how small or large can make your home look better. It also makes your outdoor space a perfect place to spend time with your friends or family. If you live in a place where you don’t get a lot of rain, the traditional open pergola may be for you. But if you want some kind of roofing to protect your from the sun, heat, or rain, you should check out the different pergola shade covers. Installing pergola roof is not just for protection. It can add an important aesthetic feature to your outdoor space. It can also easily transform your pergola into a customized design that matches your home design.

There are different covers to choose from. You can opt for a simple one like a flat roof or you can use pitched roofs. To learn more, here’s a short list for the different roofing materials that you can use.

pergola canvas shades

Options for pergola shade covers

Pergola shade covers come in different types of materials.  Here are some of the most common materials available in the market.

Angled battens are designed to keep out the summer sun but still allow light and warmth through the covers. If you’re looking to making the pergola a natural part of your garden, use climbing plants to create your pergola roofing. Evergreen is one of climbing plants that is used for pergola covers. It creates a charming look and it adds the right attraction. Colorbond is a roofing option that can be used when you want to match it with your main roof. This makes it easy to coordinate the look. Zincalume is a metal option. This is sturdy and very strong.

If you’re looking for an option that can let light in through the pergola, you might want to consider polycarbonate. There are different types of polycarbonate. Some can reflect heat or stop UV rays from entering the material. Some types available in the market include Laserlite, multi-wall polycarbonate, and compact polycarbonate.

Thatching is perfect for freestanding pergola designs. This is suitable when you’re going for a tropical look in your backyard. Shade cloth is a simple solution for pergola roofing and there are a lot of different options for this type of material. For a sturdier roof option, some people use tiles. However, it’s not always recommended because it can be very heavy. Metal sheeting can be an alternative too. There are pressed metal sheets that look like tiles.

Things to consider when choosing pergola shade covers

Pergola shade covers are important if you want to have an all-year round use for your pergola. But before that, you have to decide what your pergola is for; whether it’s for fair weather only, or only as a decorative feature in the garden. You also have to decide if you want it to be a living space, barbeque area, meditation area, etc. Basically, the purpose of your pergola will determine the type of pergola shade cover that you should use.


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