Pine Kitchen Cabinets

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Pine kitchen cabinets don’t give homeowners a lot of decorating options. When it comes to designing a kitchen with pine wood, some people often see pine as overpowering, especially in small spaces. However, what some fail to realize is that when paired with the right colors and accessories, pine can deliver a charming and rustic look that can give the kitchen a warm and welcoming character.

Refining pine kitchen cabinets also gives homeowners options. You can apply a simple varnish or polyurethane finish that will restore the gloss to its original sheen, or you can add a coat of stain that will deepen the color. Before you begin the application process, you must eliminate the existing varnish or polyurethane topcoat, or you will have problems with absorption. You must use care during this important process, or you may scar the very surface you are trying to enhance.

Solid Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and cons of pine kitchen cabinets

Pine kitchen cabinets are made from soft wood. This makes it easy to use a machine with. It doesn’t need special tools like cobalt drill bits and common woodworking tools are adequate. It’s inexpensive and lightweight which makes it easy to work with. One of the most interesting features of pine wood is its interesting grain pattern that’s full of knots. The shade of wood can sometimes be whitish or yellowish with brown knots. The knots gave the term “knotty” pine when describing pine furniture or woodwork.

It’s a cheaper type of wood compared to maple and walnut because pine trees grow fast. This makes it relatively easy to find this type of wood. It’s a low-cost wood and it takes paint well. It’s a good choice for kids’ furniture together with birch and poplar. For long term benefits, pine wood develops a rustic patina which adds beauty to farm style interior designs or rustic styles.

As for the disadvantage of pine kitchen cabinets, pine is sappy so it has to be seasoned thoroughly before use. Uncured pine will clog tools. Another is that pine is softwood, so it easily dents. Looking at the pros and cons, there’s not a lot of disadvantage if you’re not very particular about wear and tear look on your kitchen cabinets.

How to decorate with pine kitchen cabinets

Pine kitchen cabinets can look overwhelming in a small kitchen. So, to balance the color, you can keep your walls soft. Pine wood easily takes center stage in the kitchen so choose a wall shade that won’t compete with rustic wood. Neutral shades like white, cream or tan are safe options but you can also go for richer colors. A soft green like sage or pale butterfly yellow will still look great with pine wood.

Adding a pop of color in the kitchen interior is another solution. Introduce a bold color to minimize the highlight on the pine wood. Blue, green and shades of yellow make great accent colors in a kitchen with pine wood.

7 Photos of the Pine Kitchen Cabinets

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