Pool Landscape Ideas

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Pool landscape ideas can help you redesign your backyard. Having a landscape in addition to your pool can make your surroundings more beautiful. The pool itself is already an added value to your home and it makes the best place for relaxation with the family. However, put it a notch higher. Create a landscape around the pool not just for you and your family but also to get an elegant and luxurious house exterior.

Some homeowners find it difficult to make their own pool landscapes so they consult landscape designers to design their backyard. It’s a good investment and something you’ll appreciate over the years as you enjoy your outdoor space. However, there are DIY landscape ideas for pools that you can also do if you want to be hands on in the landscaping.

Pool Landscape Design Ideas

Fencing for pool landscape ideas

Because a lot of self-help articles are available for DIY pool landscape ideas, let’s focus on one of the afterthoughts in pool landscape ideas. Swimming pool fencing is often last to be considered when planning or designing a pool landscape. Thing is, it’s crucial that the fencing placement is planned early on. It does contribute to the location of the pool itself. This is if you’re starting from scratch and not simply working on an outdoor space that already has a pool.

There are two main options when choosing a place for the pool fencing. The most obvious choice is to connect the fencing to the house corners. Let it extend to the side property borders. It would follow the side and rear lines of your property. This basically encloses your whole property. Another option is to place it strictly surrounding the pool. You can place it close to the pool or if a bit further away.

Lighting for pool landscape ideas

Another element in pool landscape ideas that are often forgotten is the lighting. Adding lights to your pool landscape makes it safe during at night. It can keep off curious animals after dark and it can also make the pool a beautiful sight during nighttime.

There are different types of lights that you can use in the pool landscape. Exterior lights are placed at the base of the plants surrounding the edge of the pool. This adds dramatic shadows in the water and provides lighting for people to move around the pool safely. Lights on stakes can also be used. This can outline the pathways and define the pool deck. If you have a waterfall, you can install lights pointing upwards to give the falls a romantic effect.

Another type of lights you should consider is water lights. Installing this under can give a festive mood. These are permanent lights and they need to be built under the water level. It’s good for safety and aesthetics as well. Colored lights work best for better visual interest but this requires you to plan this ahead. It should be installed during the construction of the pool itself. Fiber optic lights are the best for this type of pool lighting.

7 Photos of the Pool Landscape Ideas

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