Pouring Concrete Patio

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Concrete patio is used for outdoor spaces. It’s durable and with a little imagination, it can easily complement a garden, landscape or entrance. It is also used as a base for bricks but it can be designed creatively to become attractive on its own. Pouring concrete patio can be a DIY project although it’s not as easy as it sounds like because it requires proper planning and preparation.

Pouring Concrete Patio: Things you should know

Before deciding to take on the project of pouring concrete patio, there are certain things you need to know about concrete. Know the type of concrete you need to use for your purpose. There are many different types of concrete. The easiest to use is the ready-mix concrete. This is ideal for small jobs but if you’re working on a big project, the cost can pile up and you can end up spending more.

pouring concrete patio

For large home improvement projects, transit-mix concrete is ideal. It is delivered to the job site in barrel trucks. Your costs can be minimized as compared to using ready-mix but you will have to add the delivery charges in your total expenses. There are numerous competitive prices available for transit-mix concrete so you won’t have a hard time finding the most suitable one.

A unique concrete type available only in some areas is You-Haul concrete. The idea is that you transport the concrete but rent a trailer mixer that will contain the concrete during transit. The premixing will be done in the trailer mixer which doesn’t seem to be practical if you can get a transit-mix concrete instead.

The least expensive way however, is to buy the dry ingredients of concrete and mix them yourself on site. This requires a lot of work and you will still need a mixer and other equipment but it’s the least costly option when using concrete.

Pouring Concrete Patio: How to mix your concrete

Before pouring concrete patio, you will have to mix the concrete. If you’re going to do this on your own, you should know that there are four basic elements in concrete: cement, fine aggregate, course aggregate, and water.  The aggregates which is usually sand and gravel constitute two thirds or three fourths of the whole volume of concrete. Remember that aggregates should be clean and free from organic matter. This makes filtering important before mixing.

Use water that is free from acids, oils, sulfates and alkali. While most concrete ingredients are the same, the result may vary depending on the proper mixing of the four elements. There is a proper way of mixing concrete depending on its purpose.

Understanding how concrete is mixed and the role of each ingredient will help you create better concrete. Once you’ve accomplished proper mixing of the concrete ingredients, then can you pour the concrete on your desired area. Framing is important before pouring the concrete so you can get the exact shape, design or style of patio you’re making.

6 Photos of the Pouring Concrete Patio

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