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Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets have revolutionized the dream kitchens for do-it-yourselfers. There are a lot of pre made cabinets available on the market for different styles and designs of kitchen cabinets. RTA cabinets, also known as pre made cabinets are flat packed furniture pieces that need only to be assembled on site. These are factory manufactured and are shipped in a disassembled form. The assembly and installation need a few simple tools and can easily be installed by two people. The project may take several hours or two days but the work is relatively easy.

The simple installation and cost is what makes pre made cabinets appealing to homeowners. Kitchen cabinet kits are available in a lot of home centers and furniture stores. They’re easily accessible and offer a lot of designs that can suit different decorating styles and storage needs. Kitchen cabinets are among the most common RTA cabinets available in the market. But like any major project, buying and installing kitchen cabinets should be carefully planned before getting started.

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Things to consider when using pre made cabinets

Proper planning is important when buying pre made cabinets because making adjustments can be hard once the pieces have been ordered. Before shopping for a kit, draw a map of the kitchen area and decide the main function of the cabinets. Decide the location and take accurate measurements. The measurements are important because this will be a big deciding factor when buying RTA cabinets. Most brands have cabinet sizes for standard kitchens. However, if you have an irregular space, you can find brands that make customized RTA cabinets where you give them the measurements and they will order a kit for you. This will take longer as compared to buying those readily available in stores but it is a good investment if you want the kitchen interior to look attractive.

Another consideration when shopping for RTA cabinets is the design and style. There are different designs and the appearance of the cabinets plays a crucial role in how your kitchen interior will look. You should also check the interior design of the cabinets. This should give you an idea how much storage space it can make for you. Dividers and drawers are important so make sure to keep your kitchen accessories and tools in mind when deciding on the interior design of the cabinets.

Assembly of pre made cabinets

When the pre made cabinets arrive at your home, check the pieces and confirm the design. Make sure that the cabinets match the printout that comes with the kit. After checking that all pieces are complete and that the design you’ve received is what you’ve seen in the store, prepare the room. Remove the old countertops, cabinets and appliances if any. Make sure to patch any holes or fix any drywall damage. Begin by installing the flooring before the base cabinets because this will save time and mess cutting and fitting the pieces. Also, check that the walls and ceilings are painted or ready for installation. If you’re painting the kitchen first, make sure to match the color of the trimmings to the kitchen cabinets so it ends up having a cohesive appearance.

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