Primitive Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets are essential in every kitchen. When you have an organized kitchen, you can work better. It makes the space more efficient and creates a more visually appealing interior design. It’s the best and most practical storage solution in any kitchen design. This is why choosing your kitchen cabinet design is an important part of kitchen planning. The kitchen cabinets should suit not only your storage needs but also your decorating style.

The kitchen interior says a lot about the homeowners because the kitchen is known to be a warm and welcoming room in any house. The kitchen cabinets should be able to complement the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. With that said, there are numerous kitchen cabinet designs available in the market. You can use assembled cabinets or have customized cabinets in the kitchen, depending on what you want.

primitive kitchen cabinets

Primitive kitchen cabinets have a lot of character. As the name implies, the design is very basic. This kind of look focuses on the aged or old look. This design fits decorating styles like farmhouse style, rustic style, cabin style and other decorating styles that put a lot of focus on wood.

How to make your own primitive kitchen cabinets

Unless you still own an old cabinet that can be used in the kitchen or found an old kitchen cabinet still in good condition from a thrift shop or antique shop, primitive kitchen cabinets can seem difficult to use in a new house interior. While a lot of people want to make old cabinets look new, some homeowners want to make new cabinets look old. It creates a unique character which adds charm in the kitchen interior.

To get the “primitive look,” the right material should be used. Wood can easily be manipulated to look old. Wood discolors as it ages because the surface layer oxidizes over time. Aging wood is what you’re going for when trying to replicate a primitive look. So, if you want to get this kind of look in your kitchen, you can focus on a few of these techniques and see what works best for you.

Aging the wood is the easiest way. Strip the finish and sand down the wooden cabinet. Prepare two solutions, one with steel wool partially dissolved in white vinegar and the second is black tea. Brush the wood with black tea and let it dry. Use the first solution and paint the wood with vinegar and steel wool solution. This chemical reaction quickly oxidizes the wood and helps make the wood turn dull.

Other techniques to make primitive kitchen cabinets

Another technique for making primitive kitchen cabinets is called antiquing. Instead of painting the cabinets, stain them before finishing. You can finish the look by glazing it. The glaze protects the wood and gives it a little bit of color. You can use this for the whole cabinet or brush it in specific areas to make other areas look faded.

Distressed furniture is another charming idea. Simulate dents, bruises, impact marks and worm holes by using different techniques. Sanding the edges and highlighting with a dark colored finish can achieve a beautiful effect.

6 Photos of the Primitive Kitchen Cabinets

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