Reclining Sectional Sofa

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Living room furniture is an essential element in the room. When choosing your living room furniture, comfort and aesthetics should be the first two things to prioritize. There are different types and styles of furniture that you can use. Depending on your current living room décor and decorating style, your furniture should be able to match or compliment the elements of the living room.

A comfortable and appealing furniture piece you might want to consider is a reclining sectional sofa. Reclining sofas are versatile in both function and style. The moving mechanism is an additional feature that makes this piece of furniture very comfortable but more complicated to shop compared to a basic couch. When shopping for the right reclining sectional sofa, there are things that you will need to focus on. Buy only something that has a lifetime warranty on the reclining mechanism and a minimum of two to three years on the entire sofa. Also, make sure the pieces lock together because if not, the motion of the recliner can easily push the sections apart.

reclining sectional sofas

How to shop for a reclining sectional sofa

Here are a few tips you can use when shopping for a reclining sectional sofa. Begin by determining the best size for your living room space. Length isn’t the only important consideration, the depth of the sofa when the seats are fully extended should be considered as well to make sure it fits in the room. Measure the available space in your living room. Make sure to cover also the total distance from the back of the current sofa to the piece of furniture or wall directly in front of it. Use this measurement to find a reclining sofa that allows at least a 2-foot clearance in front of the furniture. Another consideration is the size of the entrance to the living room. Reclining sofas are plusher and thicker than standard sectional sofas. This makes them difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Focus on finding a quality frame. The reclining mechanism of a recliner increases the stress on the chair frame. The frame is even more likely to break sooner than the moving parts so look for a sofa that has a frame made from birch, maple, oak or any other hardwood. You can go for a well-constructed plywood frame if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative. Inquire about the hardware or method used in the chair because dowel rods or mortise and tendon configurations create the sturdiest frames followed by screwed joints.

Test the mechanism and find out what suits your needs best. There are manual and powered mechanisms. But each has specific considerations. For example, a powered recliner will require a nearby plug. Lastly, choose quality upholstery.

Advantages of a reclining sectional sofa

A reclining sectional sofa is a lot more comfortable compared to a basic couch. Full recliners allow you to lay back and take naps during the afternoon while the half recliners can provide a comfortable seating when watching a movie or reading.


5 Photos of the Reclining Sectional Sofa

Small Reclining Sectional Sofasreclining sectional sofasLeather Reclining Sectional SofasLarge Reclining Sectional SofasDual Reclining Sectional Sofa

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