Rubbermaid Garage Storage Cabinets

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Organization is important in the garage. This is the place where we normally stock items we don’t want to see laying around in the living room. This is where we keep seasonal items like Holiday decorations, summer outdoor gear and so much more. With the number of different items we put in the garage, proper organization is needed. You don’t want to mix your heavy equipment with your delicate Christmas lights or your kids’ camp gear. It’s also important to create a storage solution in the garage that allows you to access the items conveniently. So basically, you’re looking for something that can help you organize the garage. It should also be able to protect your items or keep them away from potential damage. Of course, lastly, it should not be an eyesore and instead help create a visually-appealing garage interior. Among the top brands for garage storage solutions, Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets seem to make a lot of noise.

What to expect from Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets

Rubbermaid brand has been around for nearly 80 years. They’re known to sell innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. The brand started as a manufacturer of durable housewares and has later expanded to different products ranging from home and garden items to seasonal and commercial products. They’re recognized as the “Brand of the Century” and is among the 100 companies known to have an impact on the American way of life.

Rubbermaid Garage Storage System

Rubbermaid products can be bought from almost everywhere. You can find their products in mass retail, hardware, and home center stores. You may also find smaller items in supermarkets, drug stores and department stores. So, if you’re looking into buying Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets, you can be sure that you’re buying from a brand that has been around long enough to prove they’re capable of producing quality products.

Review for Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets

Rubbermaid has different line of products for Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets. Part of the Fast Track Garage Organization System is the Wall Cabinet. It’s simply named which makes it easier for customers to understand their products. Here’s a short review on this product.

The Wall Cabinet serves as a good storage for different types of cleaning and painting supplies. It’s a small wall cabinet so it’s not meant for heavy equipment. Smaller tools may be stored in this cabinet as well. As for its appearance, it has a stylish design which helps give a garage a professional look. It has clean lines and it a sleek appearance adding value to the aesthetics of the garage.

It is made with durable metal plates which helps prevent chipping and denting, two things very commonly seen in the garage cabinets due to the type of items usually used and found in the garage. Customers have positive reviews for this product because it attaches quickly. It can attach to uprights that hang from the Fast Track rails as well. Other than that, it provides easy access to commonly used items.

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