Self Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in the function of the kitchen. No kitchen is complete without it because it serves as a place of storage and it’s the best solution in organizing the kitchen tools and accessories. As for how kitchen cabinets contribute to the kitchen interior, it’s safe to say that it plays a big part in determining the character of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Depending on the design, some even cover an entire wall or a large portion of the kitchen wall. The cabinets below the sink or above the counter make a big statement in the room. This puts kitchen cabinets at a highly important kitchen interior element.

Planning the kitchen cabinets is as important as planning the kitchen wall colors. There are several types of kitchen cabinets and it’s good to know your options. Depending on your budget, you may go for customized kitchen cabinets made from top of the line woods or depending on the decorating style, you may go for modern kitchen cabinets or buy from antique stores to create a rustic look in the kitchen. Depending on your schedule, if you’re looking to save time in building, self assemble kitchen cabinets could also be an option or assembled kitchen cabinets.

Assemble at Home Kitchen Cabinets

What are self assemble kitchen cabinets

Self assemble kitchen cabinets are more popularly known as RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets. Ready to assemble cabinets and assembled cabinets can usually be delivered in two ways. Assembled kitchen cabinets are delivered already assembled. They were built from the manufacturer and ready to be installed when delivered at home. This type of cabinet doesn’t require the homeowner to build the cabinets. The cabinet design is complete, including the drawers and hardware.

Ready to assemble cabinets are delivered in a different form. This type of cabinet is delivered as “flat packed” or unassembled. This requires homeowners to put together pieces and build the cabinet at the location that they are going to be installed in. The cabinet is in a broken down form and will require a little extra work from the homeowner.

Pros and cons of self assemble kitchen cabinets

Compared to designer cabinets or store-bought cabinets, self assemble kitchen cabinets are a lot cheaper. This can be an edge to someone working under a budget. However, keep in mind that you’ll pay for delivery and that you should order from a supplier that is close to your area. Otherwise, the amount you save on the product might just go the shipping fees.

In terms of designs, self assemble kitchen cabinets have come a long way. From the simple and pathetic designs years ago, customers now have a wider selection for RTA cabinets. Customized RTA cabinets are also available for people who have irregular spaces. The costs will increase but still not as much as designer cabinets would cost. For people who have the time to assemble the cabinets, this is a good project for the house. However, it can be time-consuming for homeowners who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

6 Photos of the Self Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

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