Shipping Container Modular Home

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Home designs have come a long way when you look at traditional home building and compare it to modern house designs. There have been a lot of improvements in terms of design, both for the interior and the exterior of houses. One of the emerging trends in home building is the move towards a more eco-friendly house design or what most would term as green home designs.

Green home designs focus on using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. To give an example, a shipping container modular home is a house made from shipping containers. The interior has a modular design that maximizes the small space.

Modular Container Homes

What you need to know about a shipping container modular home

A shipping container modular home is made through shipping container architecture. This is a form of architecture that uses steel intermodal containers or also known as shipping containers. Steel containers are used as the structural element because it strong and durable. It has a wide availability and relatively low expense making it an ideal building material. These containers were designed to carry heavy loads and to be stacked in high columns. It was also designed to resist harsh weather making it suitable for homes. But one of the best characteristic of shipping containers is that it has a modular designs. All come in the same width and have two standard height and length measurements. This feature makes it easy to combine into larger structures like a house. It simplifies the design, planning, and structure because they are already designed to interlock for ease.

Shipping containers are being converted into makeshift shelters. Architects and green designers are also increasingly turning it as a source of building blocks because it can readily be modified to create a comfortable home, office, store, or storage space. It can easily create efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources of other more conventional materials.

Shipping container modular home and other ideas

A shipping container modular home is only one of the possibilities from a shipping container. Discover more shipping container architecture like disaster relief shelters, luxury condominiums, green sheds, vacation homes and off-the-grid adventurers. They’re cutting edge and green so the appeal to a lot of people is undeniably high. Shipping containers are available across the globe. While different adjustments is needed to each container home depending on the weather and humidity in the area, using it as a home is feasible in most places.

Shipping container architecture occupies minimal space. This is a good selling point for people looking to have their own place but can’t afford expensive lots or lands. It’s a cost-efficient way to finally own a house with just a fraction of the cost of most traditional homes. It’s also an eco-friendly house design that creates less waste as compared to traditional home building.

7 Photos of the Shipping Container Modular Home

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