Slipcovers for Sectional Sofas

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Sectional sofas make a great alternative to regular seat configuration at home. It’s a sofa and a love seat at the same time. It can seat more people as compared to the traditional living room furniture and it can offer a variety of comfortable positions. It’s a modern design which has a lot of advantages. It can be tagged as modular in a way because someone can lie down on a section at the end without taking away seating space from the whole seat. As compared to when someone lies on the sofa, this would mean no one else can sit anymore. Sectional sofas are versatile because it can be arranged and re-arranged in a variety of ways.

In terms of price, it’s usually cheaper compared to buying three conventional two-seater sofas. There are large designs but you can also find sectional sofas for small spaces or can divide the sections and place it in different rooms without destroying its appearance. There are designs that can be converted into a bed so it can also serve as an extra sleeping space when you have guests. So, looking at sectional sofas, it has a lot of benefits. However, there’s one common problem most homeowners encounter when using sectional sofas and this is finding the right slipcovers for sectional sofas.

Slipcovers for Sectionals

How to find the slipcovers for sectional sofas?

While it does have a lot of advantages, it also has its drawbacks. Sectional sofas can seem informal for some homeowners. It’s perfect for a lounging area but can be too comfortable for someone who wants to create a formal tone in the living room. It’s also difficult to incorporate the modern design in a very traditional home interior. However, these disadvantages are more on a personal level.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using sectional sofas is the lack of a standard when it comes to slipcovers for sectional sofas. Sectional sofas come in a variety of fabrics. Some are made from suede which makes maintenance easier because it can be very resistant to stains. There’s also some that are made from leather but this material isn’t advised when you have kids or pets at home. Now, the problem comes in when you want to protect your seats. Slipcovers can do this for you.  However, finding the right fit for sectional sofas can be very difficult.

There is no standard size for sectional sofas because the designs come in varieties. While stores offer different sizes for slipcovers, it’s difficult to find the perfect fit for every sectional sofa design. However, you still have an option.

DIY slipcovers for sectional sofas

Making your own slipcovers for sectional sofas might be the best route to take when you want to have a perfect-fitting slipcover. You can measure your sofa and each of its sections before shopping for ready-made slipcovers but it doesn’t guarantee that all pieces will fit correctly. The best route to have properly-fitting slipcovers is to have it customized. There are a lot of DIY tutorials on how to make slipcovers for sectional sofas available from different sources.

7 Photos of the Slipcovers for Sectional Sofas

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