Small Finished Basement Ideas

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The basement is the best space in your house that you can take advantage of. Instead of having a dreary dungeon for seasonal clutter, why not turn it into a livable space? It sounds so easy and obvious but one of the things that some homeowners see as a challenge is the size. Not everyone has a big basement. Some homes have a small basement and when you have to work with a small space, the potential seems to get smaller too. Small finished basement ideas may help you find something that you can do in your basement space.

Remember that homes are getting smaller. Space is becoming more expensive so we’re seeing more innovations, more designs that focus on maximum functionality with the least space occupied. The whole concept can be applied in your basement space as well, no matter how small it is.

Small Room in Basement Ideas

Considerations for small finished basement ideas

Because the basement space is below-grade, some alterations are necessary. Framing is crucial and you have to choose specific types of products because some are not suitable for basement use. Here are the things you need to consider when using the basement. Big or small, these factors are the same. Check these first before applying any small finished basement ideas.

Moisture is the biggest single concern in the basement. Moisture control should be a priority when fixing or remodeling the basement. Moisture comes from the ground water and if the floor isn’t properly sealed during construction, this can cause a lot of problems. Repair leaks and prevent future water problems by directing groundwater away from the basement walls. You can do this by creating a slope in the soil that is directed away from the walls. You can also install roof guttering or downspouts depending on your home design.

Another concern is the framing. Framing should be done by the use of treated wood to prevent moisture damage. There’s a lot of process involved in framing a basement wall to ensure that it is done correctly. You can begin by furring out. It’s a process wherein you attach treated studs to concrete walls. This provides a frame on which you can hang paneling later on.

The ceiling is another factor to be concerned about.  To have easy access to the plumbing, a drop ceiling is usually recommended. It gives access to electrical work and ductwork as well. However, it can reduce the headroom by 4 inches.

Small finished basement ideas

Let’s say your basement space isn’t big enough for a bedroom. Or you might have surveyed the area only to find out that only a small amount of space can be used as a livable space. Consider these small finished basement ideas:

Can the space be made into a laundry room, book storage place, not necessarily a library, but a decent place to store books? Can it be converted into a food storage room or a wine cellar? If so, you can use the basement space to free the space being occupied by the current room.

6 Photos of the Small Finished Basement Ideas

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