Spongebob Party Decorations

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If you’re looking for a party theme for kids that have a beach theme, Spongebob party decorations can be an option. Spongebob Square Pants is a popular cartoon character from Nickelodeon. It has become a very successful brand or design for clothes, shoes, school materials and so much more because of its appeal to both children and adults. This is why using it as a party theme won’t be difficult to do because there are a lot of products designed with Spongebob pictures which makes it an easy theme to incorporate in the party planning.

How to use Spongebob party decorations

Using Spongebob party decorations to plan a fun kid’s party can be done easily. To start with the party planning, begin with the food. If you already have a menu planned out, it’ll be easier to incorporate the Spongebob character. For example, you can choose the flavor of the birthday cake and incorporate the character in the icing or final touches. Cupcakes with Spongebob toppers can also be done and if you want, you can easily find Sponge Bob fruit snacks, lollipops, chocolates, candies and so much more from groceries or from online suppliers.

Bob Sponge Party Supplies

As for Spongebob party decorations, there are a lot of readymade party decors like posters, garlands, table centerpieces and others. Party supplies like paper plates, cups, napkins and table covers with Spongebob designs are available from party suppliers as well. This makes it easier to get the theme into the party. To add activity for the kids, use blank papers on the table and glue pictures of Spongebob characters that they can color while waiting for food to be served. This will make a great activity for kids.

Games perfect with your Spongebob party decorations

To complete a Spongebob themed party, making the birthday activities in line with the theme should be a must. Spongebob themed birthday activities can make it a more memorable party. Piñatas are one of the best suggestions. Find Sponge Bob piñatas online or from several party stores. You can also play the classic pin the tail on the donkey using Sandy, another character from the cartoon show. You can make your own twist on these games. For example, you can cut out Squidward’s nose instead of the tail. Basically, don’t just focus on getting Spongebob party decorations.

To complete the theme, giving away prizes with Spongebob items will make it a lot more interesting. You can use stickers, candies, chocolates or coloring books with Spongebob designs as part of your prizes for the games. Putting stickers of Spongebob on the favor bags will also complete the party theme. You can find readymade plastic bags with Spongebob pictures or you can DIY your favor bags.

When using a theme for parties, it’s important to get the elements right. If you’re not keen about putting too much detail into your Spongebob themed party, getting the colors right is crucial. Yellow, blue and cream can represent Spongebob, the ocean and the sea. You can add hints of purple and pink to represent other characters from the show as well.

8 Photos of the Spongebob Party Decorations

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