Spring Party Decorations

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Spring represents rebirth, a new beginning marked by the change of seasons. It’s one of the most chosen times for weddings because the temperature is just right. Spring party decorations can be used for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. The cold days are gone and it’s time to transition into a warmer season. This means more outdoor activities and when planning a party in spring, outdoor is the most ideal venue. You want to let nature be a highlight in the party and what is a more perfect way to decorate if not with the natural surroundings. Flowers will be in bloom, the grass and trees will be green, it’s a great time to hold special occasions among family and friends.

Easy to make spring party decorations

If you’re hosting a spring party indoors, most of your spring party decorations will be artificial. Of course you can still opt to use natural flowers but it can be more expensive compared to making your own decorations. DIY spring party decorations can come in handy when you’re hosting a spring themed party during the rainy season or any other season for that matter. You’ll need a lot of colorful art paper to get make your decorations, seeing as you don’t have the natural surroundings to start with.

Outdoor Spring Decorations

Paper flowers can be made in a lot of different ways. Some use art paper while others use crepe paper or Japanese papers. There are a lot of DIY tutorials for making paper flowers available online. Another decoration that you can make yourself is paper lanterns. It adds a feel of being outdoors. You can also find ready-made spring party decorations from party suppliers. Aside from paper flowers and lanterns, you can also focus on adding natural elements into the decorations. Use glass or wood for centerpieces.

Planning a party with spring party decorations

When you plan a party with a spring theme, it dictates everything in the party; from the food to decorations up until the music and other minor details. You can learn more about spring party menu ideas as well. Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s day, Easter Sunday or a simple garden tea party, spring themed parties are definitely nature-focused. When planning a spring themed party, an outdoor venue is preferred. It makes the party a lot more in-tune with the season and the theme. It’s also easier to decorate because there are not much artificial decorations to prepare. You can take out tables and chairs. Cover it with vintage lace table cloths and anchor them with a centerpiece made from flowers. Choose light colored fabrics if you want to add more decorations to the venue. China or glass plates and cups make great pieces and add an authentic spring feel to the party venue.

You can also tweak a spring themed party into a country themed party. Country chic party themes also maximize the natural surroundings. By simply adding a more rustic touch to the spring party decorations, you can turn a spring themed party idea into a country chic party theme.

7 Photos of the Spring Party Decorations

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