Sweet 16 Party Decorations

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A girl’s 16th birthday is a well-anticipated in most cultures. In the olden times, it was the time when the lady was introduced into society. Most cultures nowadays celebrate this when the girl turns 18 but some still go big when throwing a 16th birthday party. Here are some DIY ideas for sweet 16 party decorations.

DIY sweet 16 party decorations: table centerpiece ideas

There are different ways you can make your own table centerpieces. Sweet 16 party decorations should reflect or represent the celebrant’s personality. There are a lot of different sweet sixteen party ideas that you can check out. So, depending on the style and theme of your sweet sixteen party, these table centerpiece ideas may or may not work for you.

Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

Use glass jars or mason jars, fill it up with colorful items like marbles, candies, candles or flowers. You can also put in lights if you’re having a party at night. This can give the table set up a more dreamy appearance. Another DIY idea is to make a flower vase. Using fresh flowers for the table centerpiece may require you to buy the flowers very close to the day of celebration. If you want everything to be ready days before the party, you can opt to make your own flowers. Use fabrics or art papers and arrange them in a vase. Here’s an easy tutorial on making your own flowers for the decorations.

DIY sweet 16 party decorations: custom name decoration

Among the best sweet 16 party decorations would be to have a custom name decoration. This can be placed in the stage as part of the back drop or placed above the table where the food will be. The advantage of having a customized name décor during the party is that it “owns” the party. The name written will be the highlight of the party. Another advantage to having this type of party décor is that you can re-use it after the party. You can take it home and place it in your bedroom. What makes this a very simple craft is that most of the materials can be store-bought.

For the materials, you can check out craft stores for wooden letters. It comes in different sizes and fonts so you can pick what you want. If you can’t find wooden letters, Styro letters are also available. To decorate the letters, you’ll need scrapbook paper, fabrics, magazines, glitters, basically anything you want to use to decorate it with. Have Mod Podge or any type of glue that works for your materials. Prepare your scissors, a pencil, a wall hooks or wall stickies.

Decorate your letters in a color scheme that will compliment your party venue decorations. You can choose to paint it or stick fabrics or art papers. It really depends on you. To finish the décor, you can install hooks at the back if you intend to hang it or you can leave it as it is if you intend to place it against the wall.

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