Sweet Sixteen Party Decorations

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A girl’s sweet sixteen birthday party is one of the most anticipated events in her life. While it may not be applicable for all cultures, turning 16 used to be the age when a girl is introduced into the society. This is similar to the debut which is now being celebrated when they turn 18. Not everyone throws a big celebration for turning 16. It’s more of a personal preference. So, even the sweet sixteen party decorations vary depending on the type of party you’re having.

Sweet sixteen party decorations: party ideas

Sweet sixteen party decorations don’t need to be expensive. Here are party ideas you can do during your 16th birthday and some suggested decorations you can use.

Sweet 16 Centerpieces

Throw a party with a dress code. This is perfect for a party that you don’t want to spend a lot of time planning and decorating for. Put a dress code like black and white or any other color scheme. Having your guests come in a specific color scheme can help give the party a more uniformed look. It’ll also allow the celebrant to stand out by wearing something that doesn’t fit the color scheme.

If you want something with more flare, you can throw a costume party. Choose a theme for this like go for 80s or 90s, or a movie theme like the Star Wars. This kind of party requires a lot of hard work and money so think this through and plan ahead of time. Prepare your guests by sending out invitations at least 2 months prior to the party. You can help your guests out by providing minor props. For example, if you’re throwing a Venetian party, you can provide masks in the party for them to use.

Retro themes are also a popular party idea for 16th birthdays. This can be a lot of fun because dressing up isn’t as expensive as wearing costumes. There are a lot of ways your guests can find cheap or affordable outfits for a retro theme as compared to a costume party. You can also throw a glitz and glam party theme similar to what we see in MTV’s super sweet 16. It’ll blow a fortune so it’s not for everyone but you can create a more affordable version of it by making your own decorations and using more affordable materials. Another cheap way to celebrate your 16th birthday is to keep it small. Throw an intimate party with close friends only or family members only. It can be a small dinner or a pajama party with your friends filled with makeovers.

Sweet sixteen party decorations: tips for DIY crafts

You can save on sweet sixteen party decorations if you make your own decorations. There are a lot of DIY ideas for party decorations available online. To save even more on materials, survey what you already have at home. Check if you have feathers, flowers, fabrics, wood or any other material that you can use for decorations and find tutorials that use these types of materials.

7 Photos of the Sweet Sixteen Party Decorations

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