Things to Know About the Finishing Basement Cost

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The finishing basement cost is quoted based on a number of components. A lot of experts can provide a quotation for the total costs but it’s not always accurate. For basement finishing projects, there’s a lot of hard work involved. The preparation for the project itself is already a lot of work.

Things to consider before computing the finishing basement cost

The finishing basement cost is one of the first things you will need to prepare for. However, before thinking about the expenses, it’s important that you make a plan for the basement. Check out basement finishing ideas first to give you insight on what you can do in your basement. Decide what you want. Is it an extra bedroom, lounging room or game room? Deciding beforehand what you want to achieve in the basement will make your costing more accurate and your project easier to finish.

Basement Finishing Cost Estimate

What affects the finishing basement cost?

The finishing basement cost can be influenced by a number of different things. To give you an idea, here are the things that you will need to set a budget for.

Hiring a contractor will be one of the most costly expenses for your basement project. You’ll spend less if you DIY the basement finish but will have to invest a lot of time into finishing the project. If you have the contractor, you’ll pay more but get the work done faster. The basement size will affect your overall cost. The bigger the basement size, the bigger your costs will be. Don’t get confused when they give you a lower estimated cost per square foot when you have a bigger basement. It may seem smaller but considering the size, this rule applies; the bigger the space, the bigger your expenses.

The quality of the materials you choose will also affect your costs. Will you be using the best or mediocre materials? The basement is prone to damages from water or moisture. To enjoy your basement longer, it’s advisable to invest in quality materials instead of mediocre or second class materials that will need to be replaced after a short while. Invest in good quality materials for the floor, walls, electric circuits and framing. It will cost you more but it will save you from repair costs in the future.

Additions to your basement is another factor when calculating your costs. The things you put in your basement will increase or decrease your costs. For example, will you be putting a kitchen, bathroom, pool, television, surround system, etc. in the basement? The more things you plan for the basement, the higher your costs will be. Of course, your location will make a difference. The average cost for a basement finish in New York is different from the average cost in Florida. The cost of living in your area will give you an idea on how much your finishing basement cost will be. Lastly, there’s isn’t a standard rate for contractors. Depending on the services, you will get quoted with different price ranges.

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