Tree House Designs

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A tree house is an added value to any house. It comes in different sizes and shapes and works as a good place for kids to play or for adults to hideaway. The good thing about tree houses is that it’s not just for kids, it can be fun as well for adults. There are different tree house designs that you can choose from depending on a few factors.

Types of tree house designs

Among the most common tree house designs include two-tree tree house, environmentally friendly tree house and dome tree house. Tree house designs for kids include A-frame tree house, tree house with swing set, lookout tower tree set, and open tree house. Here are some basic descriptions to give you an idea on how these tree house designs look like.

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The two-tree tree house is described in its name. It’s suitable for backyards with two trees at least 10 to 14 ft. apart. A platform is bolted to the trunk and a roof is built over the tree house. The basic idea is that the two trees support the whole tree house structure. The design can be improved by adding a deck, windows and doors.

A dome tree house looks like an igloo set on a hexagon platform. The walls are made by simple triangular-shaped pieces of wood. Another type of dome tree house design is made of wooden polygons with cable suspension systems that can be used so the house moves with the movement of the trees. This type of tree house can be constructed on just one tree.

An environmentally friendly tree house simply makes the least damage to the environment. This can be constructed with recycled materials. This type of tree house can be custom-built or bought as a DIY kit. For tree house designs for kids, the A-frame tree house design has a single platform supported by the tree and covered with a roof. There are four additional posts to support the structure. A tree house with swing set is another type perfect for kids. This type of design doesn’t require a tree to support the structure. You just need to make a platform surrounding the tree and the tree house part is usually lower than regular tree house designs. Other designs have slides included in the structure. Another tree house design for kids is a lookout tower design which is almost similar to an open tree house design. The idea is have four posts supporting the structure. The tree house allows the kids to have a view of the neighborhood and serve as a lookout tower.

Things to consider when choosing tree house designs

Choosing from the different tree house designs will depend on a few factors. First of all, the size of your backyard and the type or number of trees you have will be a big determinant. Second, your budget on the tree house construction will dictate how big or detailed you can make your tree house. Lastly, local codes or government regulations on tree houses will make a big impact on the design you choose.

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