Unfinished Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Trends change periodically. Wood furniture companies probably feel the trend toward using reclaimed wood in all types of furniture designs. There’s more salvaged wood used in modern designs. Rustic designs, eclectic designs, transitional designs, Tuscan designs are among the numerous furniture designs that use salvaged wood. Unfinished furniture is another trend that seems to be gaining popularity along the use of salvaged wood. There are more unfinished wood kitchen cabinets being sold today than five years ago.

Unfinished furniture has no finish. It is raw wood without traditional lacquer, varnish, oil or polyurethane finish. This means that there is nothing to protect and seal the wood. The most common wood used for unfinished furniture is old and naturally distressed. Some furniture shops make it look aged through distressing or antiquing techniques and the wood usually has an antique weathered feel to it. Find out if unfinished wood furniture is for you.

Solid-Wood Unfinished Cabinets

Cons of unfinished wood kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most used parts of the house. This means that it will be prone to a lot of wear and tear. The main disadvantage of using unfinished wood for furniture is that it easily stains. Without protection, stains easily penetrate the wood. Unfinished wood kitchen cabinets for example, are used to store food items and not only kitchen tools and accessories. Soy stains or juice stains on the wood is impossible to remove. Sanding the area won’t solve the problem because liquid penetrates the wood so even when you sand it, it will be lighter than the rest of the non-sanded part. It would stand out immediately.

Wood oxidizes. This means that even small amounts of UV light can slightly change the wood’s natural tones. Imagine what different types of stain can do to your cabinets. After several months of everyday use, the areas of the cabinet that are used often will have stains and will have a blotchy appearance. For example, the area where you store your herbs, condiments, oil, etc. will not only have stains from the food items but will also look blotchier than other areas of the cabinet. This is due to the constant friction that occurs when you take out the items and then put them back in after you cook. The biggest problem that unfinished wood poses is the lack of solutions in repairing this kind of problem.

Pros of unfinished wood kitchen cabinets

So far, the only conclusive advantage of using unfinished wood kitchen cabinets is that it looks good. It can easily create a chic kitchen design. For homeowners who like rustic interiors, the weathered texture combined with the distressing, blemishes, scratches and other knots give character to the room. It relates to a warm and welcoming ambiance.

For appearance’s sake, unfinished wood furniture looks good. It complements a lot of different decorating styles and it’s easy to combine with other decorating elements in a room. So weigh your options and re-think your priorities; if you’re focused on aesthetic appearance or you need something that will be functional for many years to come.

8 Photos of the Unfinished Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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