Unique Backsplash Ideas

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A backsplash is the area behind a sink. It protects the wall from moisture and food splashes. Most backsplashes are part of the countertops and not until recently, they weren’t anything close to visually striking. More recently however, homeowners are using unique backsplash ideas to give the kitchen a unique feature. It’s a good place to create a focal point or it’s a good place to add color to the kitchen interior. Adding an artistic element to the backsplash design can be done using different materials or even standard materials found in home centers. Here are great ideas you can apply to your kitchen backsplash designs.

Unique backsplash ideas: unique materials

Unique backsplash ideas can be made from different materials. Decorative plates for example, it’s unusual but very creative. Hang plates with framing wire and nails. It creates a display-style design. You can also break it into pieces and set it up like ceramic tiles. Plates can be found in thrift stores or garage sales making this project fairly cheap. If you have a small kitchen space, using mirrors can help enhance the visual space. A mirror backsplash can open up the space and create an artistic flare to the kitchen. Mirrors can be hung or set into the wall. You can also break it into pieces and grout it into the wall. Working with mirrors however will require extra caution and safety gear. While mirrors are expensive, you can find old mirrors from resale shops.

Unique Backsplash Idea

Another great idea is using magnetic paint. Applying several coats of magnetic paint on the backsplash can turn it into a bulletin board or other artistic canvas. It’s not hard to find magnetic paint because it’s sold at almost every home center. It can be applied using rollers or with spray cans. Chalkboard backsplashes is a creative and functional idea. It’s unusual but it gives a fun way to leave reminders or notes on for you or for other people. You can do this by installing a standard chalkboard paint or a smooth slate into the wall. It’s a good place to jot down recipes, phone messages or personal messages.

For people who have a lot of scrap wood from barns or remodeling jobs, you can use it to make an unusual backsplash. Wood can be waterproofed and applied using glue or standard hanging material. It can be applied over your existing tile. It gives a rustic touch to the interior and depending on the wood, there are a lot of styles you can achieve using wood materials. Family photos and other photos can also be used to create a unique and personalized kitchen backsplash. There are numerous ways to preserve or protect pictures or paper before applying it as a backsplash design. Waterproofing materials can be used to keep it safe from water. It can also be protected using tempered glass.

Advantage of unique backsplash ideas

Unique backsplash ideas create a more personalized look to the kitchen interior. This is a good way to create an interior design that reflects your personality and style. It’s also an artistic way to showcase your skills and try your hand on art.

7 Photos of the Unique Backsplash Ideas

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