Western Bed Sets

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Western style furniture was popularized by Thomas Molesworth, an American furniture designer. He used hides, horns, and natural wood to design furniture pieces and home accessories. He is credited for popularizing the cowboy style furniture. His designs used raw materials available in the western area of the United States. So, when you have a western style home interior design, make sure to use complimenting items for it. Western bed sets should go well with western bedroom furniture pieces.

Tips for shopping western bed sets

When shopping for western bed sets, here are a few considerations you should have in mind. The bed size is your first consideration. Buying the wrong sized bed set can be frustrating. You will either be folding sheets into the mattress to make it fit or keeping it in storage because it’s too small. So, find out what size bedding you need. Queen and King sized beds are the easiest bedding sets to find. They’re available in most stores while Full and Californian King are more difficult to find. There are twin bedding sets that are usually used for single beds or children’s beds. If you have a customized bed, you will have to measure your mattress and have a special order for them.

Western Bedroom Bedding

Consider your bedroom theme. In this case, you want something that can complement a western bedroom interior. The colors like brown, orange, yellow, and red work well with the western theme. You might want to consider Navajo prints or other Indian printed bedding sets. The color scheme relates perfectly to any western themed bedroom design.

Check the materials of the bedding sets. The best ones are made from cotton or cotton blend. Consider the weather in your place as well. Flannel can keep you warmer during the cold season but it will be too hot for you during summer. Beddings made from polyester satin can look tacky so it’s not the ideal comfort bedding material you should use. Also, check the weave of the cotton. There’s standard, pinpoint, sateen, and satin weaves. Each has different strong points. Sateen feels soft on the skin, perfect for guest bedding. Pinpoint is durable so it’s best for daily use while satin looks nice but it’s slippery so it’s best for pillowcases only.

Lastly, check the thread count on the label. This refers to the density of the weave. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the bedding. The best sheets go higher than 350 in thread count but the minimum thread count should be 175-200.

Decorating with western bed sets

When shopping for western bedding sets, it should come with a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and pillowcases. Some can find bedding sets with a matching blanket or comforter and this works better especially when you’re going for a theme.

Using bedding sets easily helps you achieve a theme in the room. With western furniture pieces, matched with western bedding sets, you’ve already covered a large portion of the room. This alone, can give you a good-enough western bedroom design.

7 Photos of the Western Bed Sets

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