What You Should Know About the Carpet Trends 2014

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For anyone interested in getting a little bit of information on carpet fashion, here’s what we’ve compiled from the carpet trends 2014. Every homeowner would prefer to have a beautiful wooden floor compared to a carpet but let’s face it, not everyone can afford perfect and high-quality hardwood. This is where carpets come in. When you have to deal with an ugly floor, carpeting can help you create a classy home interior. But instead of those boring neutral-colored carpets, we’ve got better, bolder carpet designs today!

Introducing carpet trends 2014

Gone are the days when our carpet choices were limited to the basic beige shades. Carpet trends 2014 has a lot more color to offer. Neutral colored carpets used to be the most popular carpet design. They were mostly used to create a background or a backdrop for accent pieces. However, with the new 2014 trends in flooring, carpets are now being used as the focal point in some interior designs.

Luxurious Karastan Carpet Design

But before you completely shut your doors to neutral-colored carpets, know that they are not completely gone. They’re still a trendy carpet color today. The only difference is that they now come in more textures and patterns. What does this mean? They come with more visual interest compared to how they looked when carpets were plain in design. Flecks of color added to beige carpets instantly create an interesting dimension which helps beige and other neutral-colored carpets gain a unique appearance. A well-known carpet brand that has beautiful designs in beige is Mohawk. You can check their designs right here.

The appearance of more colors and textures sets carpet trends 2014 apart from previous carpet designs. The shift focuses on layers of colors with soft textures. The advantage of this kind of design is that it minimizes soil and vacuum marks. Of course, in terms of appeal, colorful and textured carpets are more visually appealing. Commercial pallets can be found with multi-colored designs with patterns like leaves, flowers, trellises, shapes and so much more. A brand known for their colorful oriental designs is Karastan. Other trusted brands when it comes to keeping up with the latest carpet designs include Shaw, Tuftex, Royalty, Camelot, Kane, Masland, and Beaulieu.

Another important characteristic that sets modern-day carpets apart is the construction of the product. Green carpets are a hit today. We’re not talking about green-colored carpets. We’re talking about environment-friendly products; carpets constructed with the least carbon footprint. A trendy carpet brand should be compliant to environment safety laws in relation to their product manufacture.

How to keep up with the carpet trends 2014

As far as shopping for the best carpet products goes, everyone has personal favorites. But to help you keep up with the carpet trends 2014 without sacrificing your budget and your style, here are a number of things you should consider; budget, fibre content, pile weight, and carpet styles. Don’t forget to keep your overall home interior design in mind when choosing a color, style, or carpet design. For example, if your current living room furniture has a contemporary style, you may want to consider geometric patterns or designs for your carpet. For more home interior design ideas, you can check back on our home page.

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