Wizard of Oz Party Decorations

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For generations, the Wizard of Oz has entertained a lot of people. It has memorable characters, wonderful life-lessons and the first film that came out in 1939 had a lot of magical innovations that may be very easy to do now but was a challenge back then. Top on the list is having the first part of the movie in sepia followed by a fully colored film. It was something new to everyone back then which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Today however, it’s the characters and lessons that the story teach that makes it perfect both for kids and adults.  The Wizard of Oz is filled with genuine artistry and if you’re an avid fan of the story, Wizard of Oz party decorations for your party may be suitable.

Wizard of Oz party decorations for adult parties

Wizard of Oz is a classic theme. It’s a good theme for an adult party because there are a lot of characters in the film. This makes it a good theme for costume parties. Plan a costume party with Wizard of Oz party decorations. Have your guests come dressed up as a character from the movie. You can do this by making sure the theme is incorporated into the party invitations. You can state in the invitation whether you want each guest to dress as a specific character or you want them to choose. Having a costume party helps the guests get more into character and appreciate the Wizard of Oz party decorations.

Wizard of Oz Centerpieces

As for the decorations, you can easily find supplies from party supply stores or online stores. You can also make your own. Important features from the Wizard of Oz film includes the yellow brick road and Emerald city. You can use butcher paper to make a walkway towards the party venue. You can create large lollipops by staple-wiring paper plates together and decorating them with colored cellophane. You can make centerpieces by making ruby shoes or putting a brown basket for Toto. Add a more festive greeting by making a banner that says Welcome to the Land of Oz.

Make the party more interactive by preparing games that relate to the characters of Wizard of Oz. You can also give out prizes for the best-dressed guest.

Wizard of Oz party decorations and food ideas

Of course Wizard of Oz party decorations would not be enough to make the theme successful. Incorporate the theme into the menu as well. There are a lot of ways you can do this and you can check out Wizard of Oz party food ideas to get more detailed descriptions.

The idea is to get as much color scheme into all the party elements from invitations, food, games, music, prizes and even favor bags. Planning a themed party or a costume party can be difficult but when you prepare ahead of time and with a little help, you are sure to pull off a successful Wizard of Oz party for adults or even for kids.

7 Photos of the Wizard of Oz Party Decorations

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