Wood Ceiling Panels

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Decorating the ceiling is as important as decorating the walls of your home. While it wasn’t always the priority in home interior decorating, ceilings are now receiving more attention and detail compared to a decade ago when homeowners simply left the ceiling bare. As part of new ceiling decorations, using wood ceiling panels make it easier to manipulate the ceiling design. Wood has been a popular construction material for homes and has always given an aesthetic value to any home interior so using it on ceilings isn’t really something new.

Historically, wooden beam ceilings were used for support during the time when metal wasn’t available yet. We may also see wood ceilings with carvings in olden times but wood ceiling panels were not something used specifically for decorative purposes.

Wood Ceiling

Different styles of wood ceiling panels

Wood ceiling panels come in different designs and styles. You will find traditional wooden beams, carved wood, paneled wood, suspended wood, tongue-in groove wood and so much more. A wooden beam ceiling can give the house interior a rustic feel while a tongue-in groove ceiling create a more elegant appearance.

Today, wood ceiling panels can be bought from different stores. They only need to be installed on the ceiling. Some homeowners opt to use real wood for the best quality and appearance but for homeowners with a tight budget, wood laminates can also work. It’s a bit cheaper but it can achieve the same appearance as wood ceiling panels. It doesn’t however measure up to the quality of real wood.

How to install wood ceiling panels

A lot of homeowners DIY the installation of wood ceiling panels. The product or materials can be bought in kits and will only need to be installed with the right adhesive. Wood ceiling panels give the home a beautiful architectural element. It adds texture and it makes the room interior a lot more interesting. Having the ceilings decorated also shows how well-planned your home interior design is. To get an idea on how to install wood ceiling panels, here are a few instructions.

Measure the size of your ceiling. This will help you in purchasing the right size of your wood ceiling panels. Cutting the panels should only be done when you’re stuck in an irregular shaped corner but otherwise installing the panels should be fairly easy. You will need a measuring tape, stud finder, pencil, chalk, miter saw and construction adhesive. Depending on the type of wood ceiling panels you will use, a tongue-and-groove panel will require the stud finder to help you locate the ceiling joists.

When you’re ready, apply construction adhesive on one panel and push it against the ceiling. Pull it again lightly and then push it back against the surface. This will help the adhesive spread evenly between the panel and ceiling. Some people use a pneumatic nail gun to secure the planks on the ceiling but this is a personal choice. Continue doing this throughout the whole ceiling surface and use the miter saw to cut out panels for the edges. Some people begin the wood ceiling panel installation in the middle and move towards the corners. Some start in one corner, it’s a personal choice.

6 Photos of the Wood Ceiling Panels

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