Wood Pallet Couch

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Working with pallets can help you save a lot in making furniture and other home accessories. Pallets are one of the best materials to reuse in improving your home because it’s durable and has a unique aesthetic appearance. One of the best furniture ideas you can make from pallets is a wood pallet couch. Everything, from the woodwork up to the cushions can be made by yourself because the construction is pretty basic.

A wood pallet couch gives a nice touch to the living room design. It has a chic and welcoming appearance that can be associated with a country style home interior design or a chic home interior design. The rawness in its appearance makes it a good addition even to a modern home interior or a contemporary home interior. Here are more tips on how you can maximize wood pallets for your home improvement.

wood pallet couch

How to make a wood pallet couch

A lot of self-help or DIY instructions are available for making a wood pallet couch. It has a basic construction design but you can create variations to personalize the design. Here’s a simple instruction for you to make your own wood pallet couch.

This design uses two wood pallets. You can add more depending on how high you want the sofa to be. Begin by sanding down your pallets. This will give you a smooth surface so focus on the sides and edges. Use a medium-grit sandpaper to get better results and make sure to vacuum all the dust and finish off by wiping the pallets with a damp rag. This will make sure you get all the fine particles.

Lay the pallets on the floor and attach them using metal brackets. These are available in any hardware store. To secure the brackets, drill screws to both pallets to stack them firmly to each other. Do the same to all the pallets if you intend to add more height making sure to secure all the pallets to the first level of pallets. This ends the basic construction of the wood pallet couch. You can choose to paint it with any color or apply varnish to protect the wood. Leave it to dry completely before adding any cushions or mattresses.

Decorating a wood pallet couch

Since the construction of a wood pallet couch is basically the same, you can customize yours through the paint color or through the mattress designs. Using mattresses that have the exact same measurement with the pallets will give a more aesthetic look. You can change the design by using different fitted sheets to cover the mattresses or making customized pillow covers.

The best arrangement for a wood pallet couch or any type of wood pallet seating is against the wall. This way the wall serves as a back rest. When arranging the wood pallet couch, you need to lock the wheels so it won’t move around when people use it. You can also use the basic construction idea in making a table to match the couches. Add wheels to the table so it can also be transferred easily around the room.

5 Photos of the Wood Pallet Couch

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