Wood Pergola Kits

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Pergolas have been around since ancient times. It has provided shade and a place for trellising flowers. It’s been used as a functional and decorative feature in the garden and is still a worthwhile addition to any outdoor space. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor space, adding a pergola can be a good solution. Even if you’re not a skilled carpenter, you can still have a pergola in your property because there are wood pergola kits available from the stores. Buying a pergola kit ensures that you have all the materials pre-cut and ready to assemble. This allows homeowners to easily have their own pergola in no time. This is if you’re not looking for a specific pergola design or if you’re not very particular about having a unique pergola design at home.

You’re not completely out of choices when buying pergola kits. You can find pergola kits in different designs and sizes so you still have options. The materials also differ. You can find aluminum pergola kits, wood pergola kits and others.

Pergola Building Kits

What to know about wood pergola kits

Before shopping for wood pergola kits, determining the size you need is important. Make sure to mark off the area where you want your pergola to be situated. Determine whether you want a standalone pergola or a connected pergola. The latter means it will be part of the existing house structure. Take accurate measurements of the space you want the pergola to stand in. This will make your shopping easier because you can tell the size of the available space and easily match it with the sizes of the kits available in-store.

Now, before choosing wood over aluminum, it’s important that you know the pros and cons of each as well. Aluminum pergola kits cost less in the long term due to their low maintenance requirements. Wood requires repainting or re-staining after a couple of years which adds up to the total cost of the pergola. You will encounter different types of wood when shopping for wood pergola kits. The most common is the pressurized wood. This is real wood and has the lowest price. The production of the material involves forcing chemicals into the wood. These chemicals make the wood unappealing to insects which makes it last longer. This type of material can last up to 20 years.

Other wood types you will encounter when shopping for a wood pergola kit includes southern yellow pine, redwood and cedar. A high end choice is ipe, a South American hardwood which turns into a burnished red color when wet.

Why you should buy wood pergola kits

Wood pergola kits can save a lot of time in setting up. Compared to building your own pergola, going for ready-made kits saves homeowners a lot more time and money. The kit allows one to assemble it easily without having to hire a professional. This makes a good home improvement project that can be set up in a couple of days.

6 Photos of the Wood Pergola Kits

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