Zebra Party Decorations

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People have different tastes and if you’re looking to make a bold statement during a party, you might want to consider using zebra party decorations. It can be used to create a jungle-theme party or to make a bold and fashionable party theme. Zebra prints work well with other colors since the color scheme is usually just black and white. A popular example would be hot pink and zebra print. It’s a classic pairing and is associated to diva-style themes. Bold blues and greens are also used to complement the zebra print depending on the type of party or for whom the party is.

Ideas for Zebra party decorations

Zebra party decorations can be bought from party supply stores but you can also make your own. For the most party, zebra prints can be incorporated in almost every aspect of the party. From the invitations, decorations, games, prizes and even in the food. Some easy decorations you can make include hanging black and white streamers from the ceiling or in the doorways. You can also use black and white balloons around the party area or design them to become table centerpieces. If you have zebra print fabrics, you can use it to cover the walls or if you have zebra print rugs, it’s now the perfect time to display it. You can find cheap zebra print fabrics which you can use to cover your furniture temporarily or you can use it to make decorations like banners or ceiling decorations. You can also cut out black stripes from black art papers and stick it to different items like vases, doors, windows, etc.

Zebra Decorations for Birthday Party

Giving a little twist to zebra party decorations

Zebra party decorations don’t need to be black and white. We’re seeing more variations when it comes to zebra themed parties. A popular example is the color scheme of hot pink with zebra prints. This is a popular theme for diva style parties or for fashion-related events. It gives off a very bold statement and comes off as very feminine.

For gender-specific parties, hot pink can be used for girls while teal can be used for boys’ parties. Another element that can be combined with zebra prints includes metallic colors. Silver and gold create a great combination with black and white. This color scheme is more suited for mature parties or adult parties. For example, wedding anniversaries or 30th birthday parties can use this kind of color scheme. It gives off a more elegant and luxurious ambiance to the party.

As for food preparations in a zebra themed party, there are numerous ways you can incorporate the theme in the menu. Having a customized cake with zebra print design is one but you can also serve dark and white chocolate. It’ll cooperate with the theme. But if you can’t think of food ideas that can use the color scheme, you can use serving wear with the same color scheme. There are store-bought plates, platters, cups and other serving dishes that come with zebra prints.


6 Photos of the Zebra Party Decorations

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