Peacock Decorations for Home

One of the most beautiful birds includes the peacock. It can be found in just a few countries and they’re well-known for their elegant appearance. They have flashy feathers that come in unique colors. Their unique colors make them a perfect theme for home interiors. They’re everywhere these days. Their unique feathers have inspired a lot of decorations. It is also what makes it one of the favorites when it comes to motifs. People use peacocks as party themes, holiday decorating themes, and home interior designs among others. To learn more about peacock decorations for home, let’s take a look at a little bit of its past in interior decorating.

A little history about peacock decorations for home

Peacock decorations for home are not a new trend. Peacocks have been known to be a symbol of rebirth, beauty and wealth. This can be traced back to ancient times. It’s also known to represent pride. Images of peacocks have been found in tombs and ancient structures. It can be seen in a lot of historical items. Indian rulers have servants that fan them with peacock feathers. It was also used in the Gujarat banner.

Peacock designs were first seen in Europe in the 18th century. But it was only during the late 1800s when peacocks were used as a visual culture. One of the first well-known home accessories that used a peacock motif was created by William Morris. He created a curtain which was called Peacocks and Dragons. It gained popularity because peacocks were a symbol of Christ’s resurrection during the Middle Ages. Another artist named James Whistler was known for his Peacock Room which highlights an interior design focused on a peacock motif. It had lavish interiors and a blue and gold color scheme. It also comes with a story wherein the artist was not paid in full for his work so he finished the interior by painting two peacocks fighting. There are more of peacock motif stories all throughout history and it proves that a peacock motif can have a very strong impact when used in home interiors.

Using peacocks as a theme or motif for your home interior allows you to create a very unique living space. There are a lot of ways you can tweak the theme to match your personal style because it doesn’t always have to create a lavish or luxurious ambiance. With the right tricks, you can use this theme to create a homey home interior design.

Peacock decorations for home

There are a lot of peacock decorations for home that can be bought from different suppliers. Vases, curtains, rugs, carpets and so much more can be found with peacock designs. You can find wallpaper designs that have a peacock theme or you can have your interior walls painted with shades of blue. The good thing about the color scheme of peacocks is that it can be combined with other colors like silver, gold, black and others. 

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