Remodeling A Mobile Home

Mobile homes, like traditional homes need to be updated and renovated once in a while. It’s susceptible to the common damages in a regular house. However, remodeling a mobile home will need a few considerations. Here are some tips you can use when remodeling your mobile home.

Tips on remodeling a mobile home

There are different features in a mobile home that you can renovate to improve your home. Wood paneling for example is a common feature in a mobile home that you will eventually need to remodel. During the 70s and 80s, faux wood paneling was huge. Old mobile homes have this type of wood paneling but it’s a sign of an outdated interior. Fortunately, there are other inexpensive fixes that can update the panel. Depending on the color, wood paneling can be painted overWallpapering over the paneling is also an option and it opens up a world of new styles. But if you like the look of wood paneling, you can treat it to bring out its grainy quality. Do this by applying grease on the panels to draw out its natural color. This will give you a brighter and more sophisticated look. You can also sand it down and get a lighter appearance. For bigger projects, rip out the paneling and replace it with drywall

Remodeling a mobile home always include the confronting the ceiling issues. Mobile home roofs are flat which allows water to collect. This eventually causes stains because it drips onto the ceiling. Dealing with ceiling issues is more of a necessary maintenance than décor but it can improve your home dramatically. Removing stains will brighten up your home and of course, increase hygiene and safety standards.

Updating your fixtures is a cheap and easy way to give your home a facelift. Replace fixtures like handles, door knobs, faucets and others. Before doing this however, make sure you buy fixtures that are suitable for mobile homes. Breaking down walls and creating an open layout interior is another good idea when remodeling. The good thing about mobile homes is that there are no load-bearing walls so it’s not complicated to remove walls to create extra space. Another remodeling idea you can do is to add a screened-in porch. If your space permits, a screened-in porch is an excellent remodeling idea for mobile homes. It offers a new living space and can be used to host outdoor parties and events. Any of these simple remodeling ideas can automatically improve your mobile home.

Green tips for remodeling a mobile home

For more environment-friendly tips, here are some tips you can do when remodeling a mobile home. Use non-volatile paint because it has less harmful chemicals. Use coal fly ash in concrete. Save money by using blue jeans as insulation because denim makes a wonderful insulator. Use recycled glass and tile flooring containing up to 100 percent recycled materials. If you’re adding carpets, use carpets containing recycled nylon. For drywall, use products containing at least 96 percent recycled materials to create a mobile home interior that is eco-friendly.

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