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Bedroom design

Girls Bedroom Furniture Set

Buying girls bedroom furniture set can pose a challenge to parents. Creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom is vital to the mental and physical comfort of the occupant. A bedroom should be comfortable and it should allow your daughter to rest, relax and feel safe. This is why choosing the right furniture set for…

Peacock Themed Bedroom

The bright, bold hues of a peacock feather is what makes it a prized item. Throughout the ages, peacocks were known to represent luxury. The turquoise green with royal blue looks beautiful. Add a deep purple color and you’ve got a magnificent eye candy. The colors make peacock feathers a good accent piece. The color…

Western Bed Sets

Western style furniture was popularized by Thomas Molesworth, an American furniture designer. He used hides, horns, and natural wood to design furniture pieces and home accessories. He is credited for popularizing the cowboy style furniture. His designs used raw materials available in the western area of the United States. So, when you have a western…

A Glamour Bedroom with Jewel

The bedroom is a very important room in a house because people will take rest and enjoy their time after a very exhausted time in this room. Thus, a bedroom is supposed to be decorated and maintained well unless people will not enjoy their resting time and have no comfort. That is why decorating a…

A Guide to Bedroom Lighting

Choosing the right bedroom lighting can be quite intriguing. Using dim light make your bedroom looks narrower, while using something too bright will just hurt your eyes. This tip will show you how to choose lighting for your bedroom strategically so you can achieve the desired result. You can start by considering contemporary lighting to…

Warm and Romantic Night with Bedroom Fireplace

Spending a night in a bedroom with fireplace, while it’s raining hard outside creates a dreamy, joyful, and comfortable atmosphere. People tend to imagine this kind of night when being asked about their definition of romantic nights. If you are planning to create this atmosphere by installing fireplace in your bedroom, here are some ideas…