linen bath towels

Linen is highly valued due to the difficulty in manufacturing it. It is made from the fibers of the flax plant and it is laborious to manufacture. However, it is well-known for being very absorbent. Garments made from linen are highly valued also due to its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather. Linen is used in many different products: aprons, bags, bath towels, beach towels, napkins, bed covers, runners, chair covers, sportswear and so much more. Linen bath towels are expensive but they make your bathroom experience more comfortable.

What you need to know about linen bath towels

Linen bath towels are cool to the touch. It’s smooth, making linen bath towels lint-free. As it gets washed, it gets even softer. However, constant creasing in the same place, like when you make sharp folds in the same area, can tend to break the linen threads. This is more evident in linen clothes specifically in the collar and hems. One of the drawbacks when using linen on clothes is that it doesn’t spring back readily. This is why it wrinkles easily. However, in towels, that’s not much of an issue.Linen fabrics have a high natural luster. This is why their natural color ranges between shades of grey, tan, ecru and ivory. These colors are light to the eyes and can complement bathroom interior designs. Bleaching can create pure white linen as well so it’s not strange to find white linen bath towels

What makes linen towels highly valued aside from its softness is that it easily absorbs water and loses it rapidly. This works best for bath towels because it can dry you off easily and it dries off on its own easily as well. It’s durable and is known to be stronger when wet than dry. The fibers don’t stretch so they’re resistant to abrasion. Lastly, linen is resistant to moths and carpet beetles although it is still susceptible to damages caused by mildew and perspiration. It’s very low maintenance compared to other towel fabrics too because it resists dirt and stains. It can be machine-washed which makes it very convenient for people to wash it at home.

How to care for linen bath towels

Take care of your linen bath towels by these simple tips. It shouldn’t be tumble dried too much and if you intend to iron your bath towels before storing, it’s easier to iron it when damp. Try to avoid folding the towels in sharp folds. You can fold towels without ironing them so this will avoid breakage and can be used longer.

Some contemporary linen bath towels have slubs or small knots. Don’t attempt to remove or unknot them because it can cause more damage.

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