Feature Wall Ideas Living Room

If you’re tired of your living room interior, these feature wall ideas living room should be all you need to make the room stand out. Whether you want to make a statement or simply have a small living room space and want to create an impressive interior without over decorating, here are some stylish feature wall ideas you can use that can give that “wow” factor in your living room.

Feature wall ideas living room: how to create a feature wall

Feature wall ideas living room should be used by first choosing one wall in the room. Start by preparing your work area. Put protective paper or plastic on the floor and make sure to move the furniture away from the wall. Clean the wall; make sure it’s dry and free from any old wall coverings then carefully measure the length of wallpaper required and cut to size. A tip when working with wallpaper is that you should only work with one piece at a time and make sure to leave a little extra for final trimming. You should also check that the pattern matches up.

Lay the wallpaper on a pasting table and apply the paste evenly to the reverse using a roller or a brush. Don’t hang it immediately, you’ll need to let it soak into the paper. Another tip is to have a spirit level handy. Use this to mark a straight, vertical line on the wall and use it as a guide because walls will not be completely vertical. When putting the wallpaper, start at one end and hang from the top. Check that the wallpaper is brushed tightly into corners and along the edges before trimming any excess. If you’ll be repainting the rest of the living room walls, make sure to choose colors that will complement the feature wall.


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