French Country Bathroom Accessories

French country decorating style always has the element of lavender fields and the bright sunshine. The looks immediately give a rustic and old-world vibe. French country decorating is also warm and welcoming. The style fits in both country houses and elegant, old chateaux. It’s a good decorating style to use for your home if you’re looking to create a rustic and warm ambiance. French country decorating can be applied in different rooms of a house. For example, we see a lot of French country bathroom accessories that can help you create a bathroom interior design that speaks volumes of the French country decorating style.

Guide to French country bathroom accessories

The colors used in French country style come from the full spectrum of the color wheel. Among the most popular colors used are sunny yellow and soft gold, burnt rust and fiery re, dark hunter green and grass green, soft ocean tones and cobalt blue.  Bright black and dull gray punctuate the bright colors as well and can best be defined in accessory pieces. Rusted metal furniture and light fixtures create a warm color in a room

So, when shopping for French country bathroom accessories that can help you create a French country bathroom, go for dull gray and bright black. Metal colors can create accents that will match well with the major color scheme of the bathroom. Another thing to keep in mind is that French Country style decorating uses a lot of natural materials. Rough stained plaster walls, carved wood details, woven pieces and hefty beamed ceilings are common in this style. So, in terms of accessories and decorations, natural stones and wood make great bathroom decorations.

Decorating with French country bathroom accessories

Creating a French country bathroom isn’t as hard as most people think. Once you understand what you need to focus on, making it happen becomes very easy. French decorating style focuses on light and airy elements. The goal is to make a person feel comfortable and serene once they’re in the bathroom.

French design recycles furniture pieces. This may be the reason why we see old, rustic designed furniture pieces as part of French country decorating. Use this as a strategy for designing your bathroom. Find an old table and chairs and have it repurposed as a bathroom vanity. This easily becomes a beautiful piece in the bathroom once prepped properly.

Choose your color scheme and make it a point to add accent pieces. A good way to add accents in your bathroom is to use fixtures. While you’re using repurposed bathroom furniture, you may want to invest on bathroom fixtures. Rustic pieces can be expensive or can be bought off cheaply from garage sales or antique store. Either way, they create a big impact on the overall bathroom design. Lastly, if make sure to add French Country bathroom accessories. They can easily be bought off in sets or in pairs so there’s no problem finding them in home improvement stores or online shops

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