Monogrammed bath towels

Monogrammed bath towels are towels that have a person’s initials embroidered on it. A monogram consists of a person’s initials – usually a variation on the first, middle, and last name. It’s a motif made by overlapping two or more letters to form one symbol. Experts say in that monogramming has rules or traditions that need to be followed. For example, non-overlapping letters would be called a cipher and not a monogram. When monogramming bath towels, traditional ways use three-initials. It follows this arrangement, first, last and middle. The middle initial is larger. Others deem it okay to have more than one monogram in the bathroom. This is applicable to modern families who customize each member’s initials on their towels.

Advantages of monogrammed bath towels

For homeowners who have kids, monogrammed bath towels can be lifesavers. When you’re sharing the bathroom with two or more kids, getting mixed up with their bath towels can be frustrating. The same problem can arise when doing the laundry. Having monogrammed towels help organizing easier. It also makes it simpler to find the person who left their towels on the floor. During camping trips or field trips, the monogrammed towel of your child will make the odds of bringing home someone else’s towel lower. This can also be taken advantage of when doing an inventory on your towels.


Monogrammed bath towels make a beautiful gift to newlyweds. The initials embroidered on the towels are very personalized and this will greatly be appreciated by the couple. For married couples, monogrammed towels make a nice wedding giveaway. Monograms can be a logo or a design and it doesn’t necessarily have to be initials of someone. This makes it possible to have monogrammed face towels as a wedding giveaway.

Aside from being great gifts for weddings, monogrammed bath towels are perfect for a lot of other occasions like house warming, christening, birthdays and others. One thing about giving towels as presents is that they’re very useful. Every household member have a bath towel and even when the towel is not really needed in the home, it can be kept for guests to use at a later time.

How to get monogrammed bath towels

Monogrammed bath towels can be bought from a lot of stores. The towel is a very basic element, it’s the embroidered monogram that makes the towel special. One can buy towels separately and have someone embroider the initials on it. Some stores or brands sell bath towels and offer services for monogramming for an additional cost. While these businesses make it easier to get your monogrammed towels, they may have limited options in terms of quality of the towels. A better option if you’re concerned about quality of the towels is to buy from reputable sellers of towels and then find someone who can embroider the initials. This ensures that you get the best quality bath towels while still being able to have it customized

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